The Gates

The Gates


Hours: Dinner 5-10pm

The Gates, which opened in October 2012 as a bar and music venue, has just launched a full dinner menu after dabbling with food off and on. It's a pub menu with a heavily locavore bent, which means pulled pork made from Piggery pork shoulders, 100% beef hot dogs made naturally from NYS beef, veggie burgers made in house, and even bleu cheese dressing made from Lively Run bleu cheese. The fries are delicious and crisp, you may recognize some of the salads from Culture Shock, and vegan cheese and gluten-free buns are available for your burgers. The kitchen is open Monday through Saturday from 5-10pm, and the prices are very reasonable. Stop in for food before the next concert you're checking out.

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422 Eddy Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: 607-319-4198
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